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Celebrating our 7th Anniversary

Note: I wrote this on our anniversary... life with a toddler means much less time writing! Had to make a few updates since I'm not getting around to posting until almost a month later! Yesterday (June 24th) we had the... Continue Reading →


I hate talking about money

I've been thinking about what's the right way to talk about this topic, since it comes up a lot and it's flat out awkward. I've re-written this post a dozen times already.  Notice I haven't posted in a while?  As... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on turning 30 and motherhood

I turned 30 yesterday and it was awesome.  It was the first time my husband and my son brought me breakfast in bed on my birthday.  It was the first time someone called me "Momma" on my birthday... well actually... Continue Reading →

“So why can’t I see his face?” + a bonus answer about snow

This week I thought I'd address the current burning question in more detail, "So why can't I see his face?" which includes a general update on where we are in the adoption process (you heard that right, we aren't done... Continue Reading →

Makai turns 2 – so many feelings around today

Today is our sweet son's 2nd birthday! It's a fun day for us all and also just a flood of thoughts and emotions about the last two years (and then some!).  Mainly, I'm thinking about the day he was born,... Continue Reading →

There would be no Christmas without adoption

Did you ever think of it? Mary was a virgin when she became pregnant, Joseph was not the biological father- and Joseph adopted Jesus, and then he became his son. Perhaps we wouldn't even celebrate Christmas if Joseph had never... Continue Reading →

2 sweet stories + the 2 most common questions since coming home

Still so far behind (we came home a month ago!) I'll wrap up talks of the trip with 2 sweet memories and our 2 most common questions we've been asked since coming home. Sound like a plan? 1) Pool time... Continue Reading →

Getting to know you

After making it through our first night and getting a couple hours of sleep, we were already feeling like a family.  We had expected weeks of sleepless nights, which really only ended up being a night in Bangkok and less... Continue Reading →

Our First Week With Our Son

Obviously we are pretty behind in updating about how things are going! We have really just been soaking up every second with Makai and haven’t had much time to do anything else!  Parenthood is bringing us more joy than we... Continue Reading →

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