It seems to be as soon as we tell someone we are adopting, there are inevitably a million questions. When will you get him? Why does it take so long? Have you met him? Hopefully this blog can bring clarity to a few of those questions, but we also welcome you into this unique time of waiting to bring our son home.
Let’s start with an easy question, what’s with your obsession with elephants? That one is easy- the elephant is not only adorable and squishy looking, but is also an official symbol representing Thailand. We pick up elephants here and there to remind us of our boy and to feel an attachment to him through it.
There was an artisan show that I went to a few months back and I saw a woman selling these incredible leather animal ottomans. There where rhinos, bears, moose, and elephants, and as soon as I saw them, I felt that tear tingle. I continued walking around the showroom but kept walking back towards it- imagining our little boy climbing in it and sitting on it. I imagined Eric taking his picture perched upon it, and of him leaning against it while relaxing… luckily Eric ok’d the purchase and now he lives in or home, waiting for the little one to come