Chicken Pad Thai

One way that my family has always connected with people is through food. We pour our hearts into the food we make, even if it’s an ordinary meal, we care.  Food has an incredible way of being able to excite, appreciate, comfort, and connect with almost anyone anywhere.
One way we are connecting with our boy before he gets here is eating a LOT of Thai food 🙂 Though he will probably be too young to have tried many of the traditional dishes of his heritage, we still feel a connection to him when we have it and plan to make it for him.  We’ve been going to Thai restaurants more than ever.  Mike and Stef got us some awesome cook books for Christmas and tonight was a very “connecting” evening for me as I prepared two of our “go to” dishes- Chicken Pad Thai and Tom Kha soup.

Tom Kha soup- coconut milk, broth, ginger, oyster mushrooms, shrimp, lime, chili paste, fish sauce, cilantro and spring onion

It was also an excuse for me to go to the Super H Mart in town- it’s a huge Asian store with a massive produce section and a newly opened food hall/ marketplace.  I watched as shoppers grabbed ingredients that I haven’t seen before and imagined what they would make with them.  Or why in the world you’d ever want to buy THAT much ginger (sold in bulk). It’s just such a pain to grate!  I enjoyed some peaceful time walking around the crowded aisles and experiencing these foods that felt a lot like when we were in China. I imagined the types of food we will eat in Thailand when we are there with our son.  Then I also hoped that he doesn’t like fish balls.  They sell them in bulk in these weird open air freezers and let’s just say I wasn’t motivated to try…
It’s easy for me to imagine how I can show him that I care for him and appreciate and love his heritage through cooking (among other ways of course).  We’ll also be sharing Eric and my heritage with him as we cook Swedish and Italian foods for him.  I can’t wait to make him some of our favorite foods. I just can’t wait for everything!