We’ve had a lot of great support lately and folks checking in on our process for bringing our son home.  People are excited to hear about updates, however unfortunately, we haven’t had any since December.  At all.

We knew the wait would be hard, it’s inevitable.  You know it’s going to happen when you start embarking on this journey.  But it’s still hard.  We keep busy preparing ourselves and our home, but it’s been to hard to plan.

We are really starting to daydream and night dream about him constantly.  When we wake up we think about him going to bed and wonder what he did during the day.  When we eat, we wonder what he’s eating and how big of a mess he made!  When we go for walks, we always talk about a stroller and how Kai enjoys riding in the stroller (according to the last report).  We check out the playgrounds and new routes.  I imagine him perched atop Eric’s shoulders like I always wanted to do as a little girl with my dad.  I think about what snacks I will pack for BOTH of my boys :).  When we are shopping, we swing by the little boys clothes or the books and pick up a small thing here or there.

What I noticed I have really been wanting to do though is start pulling together things that are for Makai SPECIFICALLY – I feel this yearning to know EXACTLY what size things to get, or what SPECIFIC cup will be appropriate for his development, when PRECISELY should we be buying plane tickets for and what PURPOSEFUL activities will I plan for him to enjoy, learn from, and grow more attached through?  We are doing all this researching and questioning much more than we did before the new year.  In my heart I feel like we know him so well, but then I confront the reality that we have no idea.  Just a collection of dreams, some general benchmarks, and a couple of reports.

The good news is that I haven’t felt doubt in God’s love for us and His perfect planning through it all.  He gives us little messages every day that make us feel connected to Kai – like elephants popping up everywhere and meeting new friends from Thailand.  We’ve also had great friends helping us plan what we can at this point- like Sarah taking me to a  consignment sale to get some inexpensive items for our trip there, so we don’t have to feel bad about the investment if they don’t work out.  Or Kristina offering to paint waves on his wall to complete our Noah’s Ark theme.  Or our small group helping move his dresser into his room.  Or another adoptive family at church bringing us some childproofing items.  Even some new friends from Thailand that I met out of absolute random happenings.  Also many great friends offering to throw us a shower… the list goes on.  We are feeling surrounded in support and prayer.

So here’s the update of where we are at in planning and preparing…

  1. Eric is building Kai a beautiful crib (will share a picture when it’s complete)
  2. We’re going to Buy Buy Baby today to look around for toddler stuff 🙂
  3. We’re getting ready to paint his room
  4. We applied for a grant
  5. We had a regular meeting with our social worker to get a game plan for anticipated support needs post-placement
  6. We’re reading about out trip to Thailand and what to expect
  7. We’re finishing up Financial Peace University soon with our small group
  8. We learned that Kai’s nickname in Thailand, Ploem, means “chubs” and are obsessed with it
  9. We FINALLY found a baby book that isn’t all about pregnancy and birth that has special adoption pages for us to begin filling out
  10. We need to schedule when our Thai lessons will begin… typing it here so I’m accountable!

The next big milestone we are waiting for is called “first approval” which is where the Thai government approves us and our match to our son.  We anticipate it happening in the next few weeks-months.  After that, we should get our travel date a few months after!  Please be praying for speed and stability from the governments we are working with, safety and great care for Kai, and more patience for us.

Thanks for all the support.  Got a great fortune cookie tonight after eating some yummy Thai food… can’t wait to bring home our fortune, our sweet boy.