Waiting Family

Finding ways to connect from the other side of the planet

One way that my family has always connected with people is through food. We pour our hearts into the food we make, even if it's an ordinary meal, we care.  Food has an incredible way of being able to excite,... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday, our sweet boy

Today is his 1st birthday. .. It's been a hard day for us to not be with him. But also a day full of exciting and warm thoughts about what his next birthday will be like when we hopefully have... Continue Reading →

Why Thailand?

Why not?  A lot of people are curious about why we chose to adopt from Thailand specifically.  And no, the reason isn't that Asian babies are the cutest, I mean it's a perk, but we prayed through this for a... Continue Reading →

Time time time

Another big question we get is about time- when do we bring home the little cutie and why does it take so long? Right now, we are in the "waiting for Thai approval" phase- which is anywhere from 6-10 months... Continue Reading →

The first post…

It seems to be as soon as we tell someone we are adopting, there are inevitably a million questions. When will you get him? Why does it take so long? Have you met him? Hopefully this blog can bring clarity... Continue Reading →

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