Waiting Family

The questions

No new updates here-guess we are experiencing one of those timing set backs that wise families before us have warned about... However, through this long wait we have had so many supportive colleagues, friends, and family inquire on how things... Continue Reading →


The waiting game continues

I apologize for not sharing more during this time of waiting... we received photos and a doctors report at the beginning of May but still haven't received the "approval call" we have been waiting for since April. Mother's Day and... Continue Reading →

China…the spark

To plan, or not to plan

We've had a lot of great support lately and folks checking in on our process for bringing our son home.  People are excited to hear about updates, however unfortunately, we haven't had any since December.  At all. We knew the... Continue Reading →


Ever get certain milestones pre-planned in your mind that you can't seem to shake?  Or maybe a certain age or date just sticks out to you for no reason? For me, 28 was an age that cemented into my mind... Continue Reading →

A little boy named Patience

The support and interest in our adoption journey has been overwhelming.  However I heard people want more of the details... so hold on tight! Maybe grab a coffee for this one... A lot of people ask us about what our... Continue Reading →

Finding ways to connect from the other side of the planet

One way that my family has always connected with people is through food. We pour our hearts into the food we make, even if it's an ordinary meal, we care.  Food has an incredible way of being able to excite,... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, our sweet boy

Today is his 1st birthday. .. It's been a hard day for us to not be with him. But also a day full of exciting and warm thoughts about what his next birthday will be like when we hopefully have... Continue Reading →

Why Thailand?

Why not?  A lot of people are curious about why we chose to adopt from Thailand specifically.  And no, the reason isn't that Asian babies are the cutest, I mean it's a perk, but we prayed through this for a... Continue Reading →

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